KBJX Company Ltd. was founded in 1994, and specializes in the independent design, manufacture, and maintenance of our tile making machine, concrete block making machine, and road stone making machine. Our main products include the KB series concrete roof tile machine, color roof tile painting line, KBQ series pavement brick and concrete block making machine, roof tile making machine, terrazzo tile machine, and KB-MJ series polishing machine, to name a few. As one of the top manufacturers in China, we produce a wide variety of machinery that makes color tile, brick, terrazzo, stripe stone, and more.

Over the past two decades, our professional team has worked with several domestic academies to develop state-of-the-art hydraulic machinery and an electronic control system. We provide our clients with modern and advanced equipment including our KB series concrete roof tile machine, KBQ series pavement brick and concrete block making machine, and KB-MJ series polishing machine. Most of our products can be customized to fit our clients' needs, and OEM is welcome. As an ISO compliant factory, KBJX has found a place both in China and around the world.

With superior quality customer service, our clients can feel secure in their purchases with KBJX. Our products are shipped within 35 days of receiving a deposit. A professional installer will contact you, provide you with information about your machine, and with help in maintaining and repairing your machinery as needed. We can also provide quick-wearing parts as needed throughout the year.

Facing our challenges and looking toward the future, we are excited to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with our newest clients. Located in Yancheng, a shore city near the Yellow Sea, we are ready and waiting for your visit. We hope you will be impressed by what you see!

Main Products
  • Color Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine This tile making machine is burn-free and cost saving. Its product is mainly made from cement sand and industrial pigment. The feeding material of this color concrete roof tile machine involves cement, building sand, industrial pigment, etc. According to fixed ratio and prescription, the user just puts these raw materials in hopper lifter and wincher will move them into mixer, then user is supposed to pour water into the mixer and wait the grinder's wheel in mixer to blend all the materials together. In 5-8 minutes the flow of mixed sand and cement will go out and be molded by compression ...
  • KB125Z-400 Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Our KB125Z-400 terrazzo tile making machine is made of high quality steel. It adopts only imported PLC and other components. It mainly produces the tiles with a size under 400X400mm e.g. 300X300mm 250X250mm and 300X500mm. Its structure consists of the lifter mixer, press, mould and grinder. In addition, this terrazzo tile making machine also can make tile whose thickness is customized between 10mm-58mm...